micro strategy

Cloud Solutions

We specialize in helping customers leverage the cloud to create new revenue, improve delivery models, lower costs, and reach new markets. We are cloud computing experts. We have experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Salesforce to name a few. We bring solutions that leverage the cloud to bring business success.

E-Commerce Solutions

We focus on the factors that will help E-Commerce grow and thrive. SEO, usability, scalability, user experience and time to market are factors that can make or break a e-commerce solution. We will work with clients to rapidly build e-commerce solutions to meet the needs of the entrepreneur. We can provide prototypes, minimum viable products, and the final product.

Custom Software Solutions

We pay attention to the business needs. We partner with out clients to get to know their business to help them achieve their goals. Clients today have more choices than ever in their solution providers. We lean in and partner with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome.

Business Intelligence

Microshak reports allow employees, partners, and customers to benefit from access to critical information anywhere on their own terms. Microshak can provide fixed or flexible reports to meet the clients needs. Microshak works with clients to help them define reports that will increase business intelligence.

Data Wherehousing

Think of data warehouses as silos of information. Microshak can bring data together from many sources and integrate them into one database. Data warehouses are only effective when they meet business needs that typical reporting systems would not. Microshak can help you increase your knowledge assets by designing a data warehouse that gives you the data that you need.


The world of web design is changing. Web applications are becoming just as powerful as traditional desktop applications. Microshak can help you leverage this new approach to applications designing. What Web 2.0 and Ajax mean for you is that web applications can be easier and faster to use.